Versatile. Unique. Revolutionary.

Handmade double brush , for eye makeup, with synthetic
high quality fibers, with two ends: on one side, with angular or pointed termination (to draw) and, the other,
with tongue-shaped termination (smoky effect).


The brush handle has two color markers.

  • On the angular or pointed side, the marker shows the dark color tone, as these brushes are used to delineate or mark precisely the crease and the outer corner of the eye;
  • On the tongue-shaped side, the marker indicates a lighter shade of the same color, as this brush is used to smudge, soften or smoke the tone.

The synthetic high quality fibers have been specially designed to create the best makeup brushes, with numerous advantages.

No animal tests

They are smooth and soft to the touch and have a quality comparable to the best natural bristles, but free of animal exploitation.


They are indicated for cream, liquid or powder texture. They are not porous which prevents excessive absorption of products, as well as bacteria and dead cells.


They are also less prone to breakage or damage, easier to keep clean and will not come loose increasing durability of the brushes.

Innovation = Proprietary design


The color markers identify the brush to use with each color,
indicating intuitively which brush to use with dark and light shades. It prevents spoiling the make-up
because the user always knows with which color the brush was used, and it also increases the longevity
of the fibers, as it is not necessary to wash them very often..







All products are packed
in individual
transparent PVC packaging.